People have been asking

August 30, 2019

People have been asking: why are you running as a candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada?

Quite simply I believe Canada is currently on the wrong path and Andrew Scheer’s vision for Canada is what we need to get back on track. 

If you have not already looked at the CPC election platform I encourage you to go to and check it out. There you’ll see:
• Initiatives to put money back in your pocket immediately like scrapping the escalating carbon tax and removing the GST off home heating.  
• You’ll find a plan to immediately revitalize our struggling oil and gas sector and get pipelines built.  
• You’ll see an environment plan that does not tax people for driving to work and heating their home. 
• You’ll see the blueprint for becoming energy independent, including building a National Energy Corridor. This is a project that will benefit all Canada in the same spirit as other legacy projects like the Trans Canada Railway and the Trans Canada Highway.  
• You’ll find common sense ideas like removing income tax from maternity leave and imposing mandatory sentences for convicted child abusers and human traffickers. 

This is a new experience for me. While I am not (yet) a politician, I am a concerned husband, father, son, brother, uncle, teacher, and citizen. I believe so strongly in the importance of this election I am willing to give all of myself to Avalon to ensure we usher in a new era of prosperity and economic growth across our district, across the province, and across the country. 

This is not an election where it doesn’t matter who gets in.  
This is not an election where, “They’re all the same.”  
This election offers a real choice and a true alternative. 

I look forward to meeting as many people in Avalon as I can between now and the election on Monday, October 21st.  I hope to earn your support because….


It’s time for YOU to get ahead!