Here's what's important

August 30, 2019

What issues are important to the Conservative Party of Canada and me over the next 4 years?


1. Scrapping the carbon TAX and removing GST from home heating to keep more money in your pocket

2. Lowering GHG emissions through technology and innovation versus TAX

3. Developing our natural resources, in particular NL offshore oil & gas and fishery

4. Repealing Bill C-48 & C-69 and building pipelines that will benefit us all

5. Building a National Energy Corridor, following in the tradition of Canadian legacy projects like Trans Canada Railway and Trans Canada Highway

6. Restoring fiscal responsibility to government spending and integrity to Canada’s judicial and public servant systems

7. Ensuring federal health and social benefit transfers continue to meet the needs of Avalon District

8. Making Canada’s immigration system safe for all Canadians and fair to all people looking to enter Canada 


This election offers a real choice and a true alternative for our district, our province, and our country because…


It’s time for YOU to get ahead